I’m Trapper Travis and I’ve been an animal trapper for 13+ years now. In that time I have honed my craft and dedicated a lot of time to treat every situation with the utmost care as I am an animal lover. I only believe in using the most ethical and humane methods to solve animal problems. Animals need a home, just not yours. I instinctively try to save my customers money and pride myself on the fact that I do not sell them on a bunch of stuff that’s not needed. If you give me a fair chance, I am absolutely positive that I will solve any animal issue.

Away from trapping, I am a professional MMA fighter and train at every chance I get. Trapping has allowed me to pursue goals outside of the critter world and I’m very grateful for that. Anything I do, I give my best effort – whether it’s mastering a jiu-jitsu move or removing a skunk from your crawl space. I also have a passion for reading and basically researching anything that I find interesting. If I stumble onto a topic that I’m curious about, I will not stop researching it until I’m satisfied with the information that I’ve compiled. This curiosity has helped me become a great animal trapper. If I’m not trapping or sleeping then I am training or reading. I have lived and worked in the Southbay of Los Angeles for over a decade and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon so if you’re in the area and in need of an affordable animal trapper who has seen it all, please contact me.