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Chipmunks are adorable little animals. They are basically tiny squirrels, and they are excellent at burrowing. Each year, mother chipmunks have one or two litters. It takes about eight weeks before the chipmunk can go off on their own. They often live in trees, shrubs, bushes and bird feeders. As cute as chipmunks are, they tend to wreak havoc on your home and property. To protect your home and your property, it is essential that you contact a professional in chipmunk removal if you suspect that there is a family of chipmunks causing problems.

What Do Chipmunks Eat?

Chipmunks aren’t picky eaters, and they will eat just about anything. A chipmunk’s favorite food is berries, seeds and certain types of grasses. They also eat grain, fruit, nuts, insects, baby mice and worms. If a chipmunk comes across a bird’s nest, they will take the bird eggs and eat them. If you have a garden or fruit trees in your yard, the chipmunks can eat your crops, resulting in a smaller crop. To protect your garden and landscape, you will need to contact a professional in chipmunk removal.

What Sounds Do Chipmunks Make?

If you aren’t sure what type of animal is eating the fruit from the trees and the vegetables from the garden, all you need to do is listen. A happy chipmunk will make a chipping sound. They also make a deeper chuck sound, a startle call if they get nervous, and an alarm call to alert other chipmunks of impending danger. These animals are more intelligent than you might think.

How Can a Chipmunk Damage the Home?

Chipmunks don’t just cause damage to landscaping, fruit trees and gardens. They are also known for causing problems within the home. During the winter months, chipmunks hibernate underground. Some will set up a warm place to live within your home. This is where they cause serious issues. Chipmunks are known find small entry points into the home to keep warm. They often chew the bottom of the siding on your home, which allows them to get into the walls. When this happens, they can cause damage. If the chipmunks start chewing the wires, it can cause serious electrical issues and even an electrical fire. Because this damage can be so expensive and extensive, you should contact a professional in chipmunk removal as soon as you suspect an infestation.

When a chipmunk burrows under the home’s foundation, it can cause damage. They can get into the home by ripping down the screens on the foundation vents, entering the home. Once inside, these tiny creatures can do some serious damage. They can start chewing the floor joists, resulting in serious flooring issues. Chipmunks will also tear down the insulation in the home so that they have a place to store their food for the winter. If the chipmunk dies while it is in the wall, it will begin to decay, resulting in a nasty odor that can last a really long time. Because chipmunks can cause so much trouble in the home, you should call a professional in chipmunk removal as soon as possible.

Why Hire a Professional In Chipmunk Removal?

If you have a chipmunk infestation in your home or yard, it is better to hire a professional in chipmunk removal rather than make it a DIY project. Many people will try to use poison to get rid of the problem within the home. This is a huge mistake. As mentioned earlier, if a chipmunk dies within the walls, it can start to decay there, causing a horrible odor. You could also end up with black flies and maggots inside the walls within your home. This will create a whole new set of problems.

Professionals in chipmunk removal have the knowledge and experience necessary to remove the chipmunks from your property. They understand how chipmunks behave and the most common areas where they make their nests. Also, professionals are able to look around the house and property and recognize the signs of the chipmunks’ movement to determine where the nest is located.

A professional in chipmunk removal knows better than to use poison to handle the problem. They know the proper methods to trap the chipmunks. The main goal of the professional is to trap the chipmunks in the safest, most humane way possible.

Assessing the Damage

Another benefit of hiring a professional in chipmunk removal is that after the chipmunks are removed, they can assess the damage within the home. They will let you know what type of damage the chipmunks caused and where. This will allow you to call a professional and have the damage repaired once the chipmunks and their nest has been removed.

Final Thought

Seeing chipmunks in your yard may not seem like a big deal at first. They are tiny, cute little creatures, and they are fun to look at. Unfortunately, chipmunks can also wreak havoc on your home and on your property. If there is a nest of chipmunks on your property, they mess with your landscape and eat the fruits and vegetables that you are growing. In more severe cases, they will cause problems with the structure of your home.

The best way to handle the problem and be sure that the removal was 100 percent effective is to hire a professional. A professional in chipmunk removal will come to your home, assess the situation, and take the necessary steps to rid your property of the chipmunks. Once the chipmunks have been trapped and removed, the professional will assess the damage they caused. This will make it easier for you to take the necessary steps to have the damage repaired.

If you suspect that you have a chipmunk infestation your property, don’t hesitate to call a professional in chipmunk removal. The sooner you contact a professional, the sooner the problem will be eradicated. This will prevent the chipmunks from doing any further damage to your home.


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