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Porcupines are very unique creatures. Just their appearance alone makes it very easy to differentiate them from other animals. Porcupines are seen all around North America, and the porcupine population is the second largest in this area, after beavers. The porcupine has around 30,000 sharp quills on its body. Many people think that the porcupine will shoot its quills at predators as a means of defense, but this isn’t true. When this animal feels threatened, it will lash its tail, and embed their quills in their enemy, but the quills never leave the porcupine’s body. If spot a porcupine on your property, it is best that you hire a professional in porcupine removal.

The Porcupine’s Habitat

As mentioned earlier, porcupines live all across North America, even as far north as Alaska and Canada. They can live in different climates and elevations, and build their habitats based on where they are located. Many of these animals seek cover in dense forests, desert brush land and in open tundra. Some spend most of their lives in trees, and they prefer oak, pine and other hardwood species of trees. During the cold winter months, the porcupine will move to rock crevices and caves.

Invading the Yard

Because porcupines are herbivores, they won’t invade your yard for the same reason that other pests like mice do. These animals feed on plants, tree bark, twigs and leaves, because they need a large abundance of nitrogen in their diet. If the porcupine cannot find enough of the type of food they need in nature, they will chew on any type of wood that they can find including manmade wooden structures, such as your home and sheds. They will also feed on roadside salt runoffs that have accumulated over time.

What Type of Damage Can Porcupines Cause?

When porcupines are trying to eat, they can end up doing serious damage to your home and property, which is why it is essential that you call a professional in porcupine removal. One of their favorite foods is tree bark, which makes them a nuisance for those working in the lumber industry. Many trees have been deemed unusable due to porcupine consumption. If a porcupine finds it’s way into your yard, they will strip the tree bark, which will leave the sapwoods exposed. This will make your trees very susceptible to disease and beetle infestations. These types of issues can kill your trees.

If you have a garden, the porcupines will be attracted to certain crops. Their favorite is sweet corn, small grains and alfalfa. If you are growing any of these crops in your yard, you will need to hire a professional in porcupine removal immediately. If you are growing fruit trees in your yard, the porcupines will feed on the fruit that you are growing.

If you have a porcupine living in your yard, they are going to chew on anything possible in search of nitrogen. These animals will chew on the side of your house, your shed, and can even destroy your car looking for food.

Finally, if you have a cat or dog that go outdoors, the porcupine can be a serious threat. If your pets don’t feel threatened by the porcupine, it doesn’t mean that the porcupine won’t feel threatened. This can result in your pet being attacked by the animal’s sharp quills. To keep your animals safe, you are going to need to call a professional in porcupine removal.

Signs There are Porcupines On Your Property

You don’t have to actually see the porcupine to know that there are one or more on your property. There are a few ways that this animal will let you know that it is on your property without showing themselves.

  • Porcupine sounds: When a porcupine feels threatened, they will make noises to warn off predators. When they feel threatened, they will clack their teeth, which can be relatively loud. You will also hear the porcupine during mating season. During this time, they will whine, moan, grunt, wail and shriek in order to attract a mate. If two males are fighting over a female, their howls will be very loud. If you start hearing these sounds, it is best to hire a professional in porcupine removal to investigate.
  • Tracks: Because of the makeup of their body, porcupine tracks are very unique. They leave deep impressions in the mud and the dirt. The front prints are much smaller than the back prints. Because the porcupine moves so slowly, the impressions will be deep. Also, you will see drag marks behind the footprints which is created by their dragging tails. If you have a porcupine in your yard, you will likely see the tracks around the house or the base of the tree.

Why Hire a Professional?

Porcupine removal is not something that you should make a DIY project. Porcupines feel threatened very easily, and they will attack. Also, if you don’t know much about these animals, you won’t know how to track them or where to find their habitat. A professional in porcupine removal understands the behavior of the porcupine, and will be able to recognize their tracks easily. This will help lead them to the porcupine’s home. Also, a professional will know the safest and most effective way to trap a porcupine. If you want the problem dealt with quickly and effectively, it is best to hire a professional in porcupine removal.

Final Thoughts

Porcupines are not viscous creatures, but if they feel threatened, they will attack. These animals will also do serious damage to the structure of your home, the trees in your yard, and even the wood handled tools in your shed. The sooner you hire a professional in porcupine removal, the sooner you home, property and your pets will be safe. These animals know how to hide when necessary, which can make trapping them difficult. It is best to leave the job to the experts.

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