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We all know that all living things die. This includes animals in the wild. Some animals will die from natural causes, and some are injured or they get sick. When wild animals die, they aren’t too particular as to where they take their last breath. Most sick or injured animals will find a dark, quiet place to die. If the animal is very sick or too injured to keep going, they will die where they dropped. If an animal has died on your property, it is best to hire a professional in dead animal removal to handle the job.

Why Should Dead Animals Be Removed Immediately?

If you have come across a dead animal in your yard or home, or if a foul smell has led you to believe that there is a dead animal on the premises, it is essential that you call a professional in dead animal removal immediately. When the animal’s flesh begins to decay, it can cause a pungent smell. Not only will this smell gross you out, but it will attract pests like flies, moths, beetles,and mites. Also, maggots can start feeding on the dead animal’s corpse. Just the idea of this is disgusting, and it is a great reason for you to call a professional in dead animal removal immediately.

Dead animals carcasses can spread disease to your family and your pets. Dead animals can carry rabies or have worms, which can be very dangerous to other living things, including humans. If there is a dead bird on your property, it could transmit West Nile Virus to humans and other animals. These are all very dangerous issues, which is why it is essential that you hire a professional in dead animal removal.

Why Hire a Professional In Dead Animal Removal?

There are a number of reasons why you should stay far away from the dead animal carcass, and leave the job to a professional.

First, most homeowners don’t understand how dangerous it can be to handle a dead animal. As mentioned earlier, they can carry serious diseases that can be transmitted to you if you don’t handle the dead animal carefully. A professional in dead animal removal will have the necessary equipment to get the animal out of your home or off your property. They also have the knowledge necessary to get the dead animal out without causing themselves any harm.

If there is a dead animal on your property but you can’t find it, you are going to need to hire a professional in dead animal removal. Professionals understand the behavior patterns of various wild animals. They are also able to identify animal tracks to give them an idea so to where the dead animal is located. In many cases, a dead animal cannot be tracked by smell alone. It will take the expertise of a professional to figure out where the animal died so that it can be removed.

If the animal died within your walls, it can be impossible to know what wall the animal is behind. If you attempt to find the dead animals yourself, you could end up tearing all of your walls down before locating the carcass. Professionals have the knowledge and the tools necessary to find the wall where the dead animal is, which will require you to cause very little damage to your home.

Once the professional has found the dead animal, they have the knowledge and equipment to remove the animal safely. Most homeowners don’t have this kind of knowledge.

When the animal has been located and removed from the property, it will need to be disposed of. Many people think that they can just bury the dead animal in the backyard, but this is a bad idea. An improper burial can cause the groundwater to become contaminated, which will open your family up to a whole new set of problems. If the animal isn’t buried deep enough under the ground, another animal will come along and dig it up. It won’t just be wild animals that will try to dig up the animals. The family dog has a very keen sense of smell and will start digging if he smells something.

When you hire a professional, they will dispose of the animal in a sanitary, legal way. This will get the dead animal off  your property for good, and it won’t cause any future problems.

What To Do After the Dead Animal Has Been Removed

After the expert locates and removes the dead animal, your work is not done yet. First, you are going to need to completely sanitize the area. This will help get rid of the horrible smell, and it will prevent disease from spreading around the area.

If the dead animal was located in your basement, in the attic or in the walls, you are going to need to seal off the entry point. If one animal managed to get into your home through this opening, you can assume that others will eventually try to do the same thing. Since you are already sealing off this entry point, you should check certain areas and seal them off also. Areas that need repairing include:

  • Caulk any openings in the foundation
  • Replace any broken windows or screens
  • Add mesh wiring to the opening of your chimney
  • Buy outdoor trash cans with tightly fitted lids
  • Remove all clutter from your basement and attic
  • Remove all debris from your yard
  • Keep the trees trimmed so that they aren’t handing over the roof

After you have sealed off all access points to your home, you won’t need to worry about any animals getting into your home and dying.

Final Thoughts

Dead animal removal should not be a DIY job. Most people don’t have the skill and the know-how to safely get a dead animal out of the home and dispose of it properly. Experts have gone though extensive training to know how to remove dead animals from a home or from a yard. If you have a dead animal in your home, you should leave the job to the professionals.


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