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When most people think of woodpeckers, they think of the cartoon character, Woody Woodpecker. He is cute, funny and a bit mischievous. In the real world, woodpeckers can be much more mischievous and much more damaging than their cartoon counterpart. If you have a woodpecker issue on your property, it is essential that you contact a professional in woodpecker removal as quickly as possible.

The Woodpecker

Woodpeckers are known for drumming on trees in search of food. When you have a woodpecker in your yard, there is no mistaking it. These birds use their tail feathers for balance, and they have powerful neck muscles which allows them to drum on the trees. Woodpeckers have very thick skulls, which absorbs the shock when they are pecking at the wood.

The Woodpecker’s Habitat

Woodpeckers can be found all over the United States. They nest inside hollow or dead trees. These birds often choose their homes based on the location of streams or ponds because they like to be near a dedicated water source. You can find woodpeckers near swamps, in wooded areas and city parks.

What Kind Of Damage Can Woodpeckers Cause?

Woodpeckers are not dangerous or a threat to humans, but they can be very harmful to your property. If a woodpecker has chosen your yard for its new home, it will start drilling holes in the wood siding of your home, shed and other wooden structures. These birds don’t need trees, they just need wood and your home can give them everything they need. This happens mostly in spring when the male woodpeckers are trying to attract the females. Some woodpeckers will drill the holes in the wood siding and roof and store their acorns and nuts there to eat later.

Woodpeckers will also drill on the trees in your yard, even if they aren’t dead or hollowed out. When the woodpeckers are drilling on the trees, it can destroy the bark. This will leave the trees susceptible to insects and disease, which can kill the trees.

While most woodpeckers prefer to drill on trees, they are also known for pecking at gutters, downspouts, siding and metal tanks.

Physical damage to the trees and structures on your home isn’t the only thing that makes woodpeckers a nuisance. It is also the sound that they make. If there is a tree right outside your window that the woodpeckers have chosen to drill, it can be very annoying. If the woodpeckers choose to peck the metal structures on your home, the sound will be amplified and will be even more annoying.

The best way to prevent damage to your home and property and to keep your sanity intact is to hire a professional in woodpecker removal.

Why Hire a Professional In Woodpecker Removal?

Capturing any type of bird can be very difficult for the typical homeowner. Some people will try to shoot the birds, but even if you are a good shot, the odds of you hitting the woodpecker are very slim. You could end up shooting something or someone, but not the woodpecker.

If you are hoping that the woodpecker will soon get bored and move on to another area, it isn’t going to happen. Once a woodpecker has an established source of food and water, they will have everything they need. Because of this, they won’t leave unless forced to.

Professionals in woodpecker removal have a great deal of experience in trapping all types of birds, including woodpeckers. A professional will have the necessary supplies and the right skill set to trap the bird. Hiring a professional in woodpecker removal is not only the most effective way to remove a woodpecker from your property, but it is also the most humane method.

What You Should Do After the Woodpecker Has Been Removed

After the professional in woodpecker removal has successfully removed the bird, you will need to take action. If the woodpecker made any holes in your home, they will need to be sealed up to prevent insects from coming in. If you wait too long to do this, you will need to deal with a whole new set of problems. Keeping the insects away is not only essential in preventing an infestation, but it will also keep the woodpeckers away. If there are no insects in these areas to eat, there will be no reason for the woodpeckers to stay.

If a woodpecker has chosen your home as their home, there is a good chance that another one will come along and do the same thing. To prevent another woodpecker issue, you can set up a predator decoy. If the woodpecker sees what they think is a predator, they will stay away. You can also put up screens and netting to cover damaged areas on your property to keep the woodpeckers away.

Final Thoughts

If you are hearing the constant drilling of a woodpecker on your property, it is essential that you call a professional in woodpecker removal immediately. The sooner you call an expert for help, the less damage the woodpeckers can to to your property.

Since you probably don’t have much experience trapping and re-homing birds, it is best to leave the job to a professional. Not only will the expert trap and move the bird, but they will assess your home for damage. It is not uncommon for woodpeckers to do damage to areas of your property that you haven’t even noticed. This is where an expert’s knowledge and come in handy. They will show you where the damage exists, and can also give you some tips and tricks to keep other woodpeckers from setting up their homes on your property.

Woodpeckers aren’t mean creatures. They are just mischievous like their cartoon counterpart, and it is their instinct to peck. The sooner the problem is handled, the sooner you will have peace and quiet in your home.


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