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Otters are cute and often playful animals, but this doesn’t mean that it is safe to allow them to lie on your property. Otters are found all over North America and in may parts of Canada. Otters typically make their homes in salt water and fresh water, usually near rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. It is not uncommon to see otters and beavers living near each other, and they choose water that is not polluted, where they won’t see humans too often. If you have a body of water on you property and otters have set up their homes there, it is best to contact a professional in otter removal immediately.

Otter Breeding

Female otters create dens to give birth. These dens are often clean and located close to the water. Baby otters are born without any teeth and they are completely helpless when they are born. In most cases, the father will leave when the baby is born. He won’t return until after the baby is done weaning, and he helps find food for the family.

Baby otters will stay in the den with their mother until they are about two months old. This is the age that the baby otter no longer relies on their mother’s milk for sustenance, and they start eating food.

Why Should Otters Be Removed From Your Property?

Otters are typically harmless. If they feel threatened, they will often retreat into the water near their home. It isn’t the risk of physical injury that you should call an expert in otter removal. It is what the otters can do to your property.

Otters are very smart animals and they are also very hygienic animals. When the otters choose a place near a body of water on your property, they will start to reshape the land to meet their needs. The otters will burrow deep holes in the embankment to create a place for their family to live. They will also create a grooming area above ground. This is where the otters will groom themselves and go to the bathroom.

The problem with otters being close to the ponds and the streams is that they will feed on the fish living in these bodies of water. If you enjoy fishing in these waters, the otters will eat most of the fish, leaving nothing for you to catch.

If your home is close to the body of water, the otters will create then dens under the house, the deck or any structure near the water. They will relieve themselves right near their home, and the feces smell similar to rotting food, similar to rotting fish. The feces have an oily texture, and are slimy. The feces can be red, black or green, and you will find the feces all around your home. This should be reason enough to call a professional in otter removal immediately.

When the otters burrow under the structures on your property, they can cause structural damage which can be very expensive to repair.

The sooner you call an otter removal expert, the safer your home will be. Also, when the otters aren’t eating the fish in the bodies of water on your property, the population will be replenished.

Benefits Of Hiring a Professional

Most people don’t want to kill the otter that is wreaking havoc on their home and the fish population. Also, there is no guarantee that there is only one otter in the area. You can kill one otter, and the problem will still remain. Because otters are such intelligent animals, they don’t usually fall for tricks like deterrents and fake prey. This is why you will need to hire a professional to handle the problem.

When you hire a professional in otter removal, the first thing the expert will do is assess the situation. If the otter has recently moved to the area, there is a chance that the expert can close off any areas that could house a family of otters.

If the expert discovers that the mother has already moved into the area and set up her den and her grooming area, it is too late to block off the access. The damage is already done. In this case, the expert will trap the otter and her family.

Professionals in otter removal will have the necessary tools and safety equipment to remove the otter family safely and humanely. Also, an expert will have the knowledge and experience to determine the number of otters living in the den, making sure to remove all of them.

Should you try trapping the otters yourself, you could trap and remove the mother, leaving her babies behind to fend for themselves, which they aren’t capable of doing.

How Will An Expert Remove the Otters?

If trapping the otters is necessary, the expert will set up a system that will allow the otters to get out of the den, but will block their access back in. This will leave the otter family out in the open for the expert to catch.

Most experts use humane traps that are bated with salmon oil or another smell that is enticing to otters. When the expert is able to capture the otters, the whole family will need to be relocated. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it will take the knowledge of an expert in otter removal to do it safely. The otters need to be taken to an area where the water is deep enough for swimming and catching food, and the banks need to be soft enough for the otters to create a home for themselves. There are plenty of areas that don’t make a suitable home for otters; therefore, it is best to leave the job to a professional.

Final Thoughts

Otters may be cute, but they can wreak havoc on your home. A family of otters will consume all the fish in your ponds and streams, they will burrow under the structures on your property and leave a stinky mess behind. The best thing that you can do as soon as you suspect an otter family has set up their home near yours is to call a professional in otter removal.

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