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Weasels are small mammals and they are very nimble. These animals are long and thin, and they have fur that can be red, brown or white. There are a number of places where weasels will make their homes such as open fields, farmlands, thickets and woodlands. It is not uncommon to find weasels living on the roadside. Weasels will choose their home based on the availability of food and water. If you have one or more weasels living on your property, they can wreak havoc. Because of this, it is essential that you hire a professional in weasel removal as soon as you suspect that you have a weasel on your property.

Weasel Behavior

Weasels don’t hibernate; therefore, they are active all year long. This means that they can cause destruction to your property 365 days a year. Some weasels are nocturnal and some are diurnal, depending on the climate they live and the current season.

The female weasel reaches maturity at around three months of age. They tend to mate during the late spring and the summer.

Weasels can get around very well, which makes them excellent hunters. They can climb, swim and run. Because they have long, thin bodies, they are able to get into small spaces easily. These animals often kill more prey than they an eat, and will store the excess food that they killed to eat later.

Weasels tend to be solitary creatures, and they can be very territorial. They will do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their homes if they feel threatened. This is why it is important to leave weasel removal to the experts.

What Kind Of Damage Can Weasels Do?

If you have a weasel in your yard, ignoring it is a huge mistake. These animals can be very damaging to your property and the animals and wildlife living there.

Weasels are known for eating chickens. If you have a chicken coop, you will need to call a professional in weasel removal immediately. Because they have thin, limber bodies, they can get into the chicken coops through small cracks and holes. Once inside, the weasel will eat the chicken. A single weasel attack can wipe out your entire chicken coop. The only way to keep your chickens safe is to rid your yard of the weasel before it can strike.

As mentioned earlier, weasels will do whatever it takes to protect themselves from predators. These animals aren’t known for attacking humans; however, if you have dogs or cats, they are at great risk. Weasels have very sharp teeth, which can do serious damage to your pets if they are attacked. To keep your pets safe, it is essential that you hire a professional in weasel removal as soon as possible.

We mentioned earlier that weasels will often kill more prey than they can eat and store it for later. If you have a weasel on your property, they are going to leave their excess food around the yard. This can cause a horrible smell, black flies and maggots. This can make for a very unsafe environment. To prevent conditions like this, you should call a professional in weasel removal right away.

Signs That There Is a Weasel In Your Yard

Because weasels are skittish creatures and tend to be afraid of humans, it is highly unlikely that you will see the weasel in your yard. They will; however, leave signs and clues that they are there, and they are wreaking havoc in your yard. These signs include:

  • Dead chickens who have been bitten in the neck or head
  • Stolen eggs from the chicken coop
  • Dead rabbits on your property
  • Weasel tracks look like small footprints. They have five toes, and you will be able to see where their claws have dug into the dirt and soil.

Why Hire a Professional In Weasel Removal?

The best reason to hire a professional to rid your property of weasels is the time it takes. Some homeowners will try the DIY approach, but since they don’t have experience, this can take time. The longer the weasels are on the property, the more damage they will do. Experts in weasel removal know a lot about these animals. They know how they behave, where they live and the best way to trap them.

If you try to capture a weasel on your own, they can feel threatened, and they will attack. Professionals in this type of work understand this, and they have the knowledge and the experience to trap the weasels without incident.

While making weasel removal a DIY project might save you money, it can also cause more damage. The longer it takes you to eradicate the problem, the more the chickens, rabbits, and other wildlife in your yard will be at risk. A professional in weasel removal can get the job done quickly, protecting your property and everything living there.

Final Thought

If you have seen signs that there is a weasel living on your property, it is important that you contact a professional right away. This is especially true if you have chickens on your property. Animal removal specialists have the knowledge and experience to rid your home of weasels quickly, safely and humanely.

Weasels may look like sweet innocent creatures, but they prey on animals and will attack your pets when they feel threatened. This is not something to take lightly, and the issue should be addressed immediately.

A weasel removal specialist will take a look around your yard to make a complete assessment. This will let them know where to set the traps. Once the traps are set, it won’t be long before the animal takes the bait, and where they  can no longer cause problems on your property.

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