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This is not a comprehensive listing of all wildlife management offices. I have over 500 listings on this site, for most major US cities and larger towns. I have highlighted the larger cities in the United States on this page, but if you want to find a trapper closest to you, just click on the state link, and you’ll find a wildlife removal specialist near you. These companies provide a special service – pest wildlife control. This service is very different from pest control or extermination. The companies listed here deal strictly with wildlife control. They perform such specialty tasks as removal of squirrels from attics, trapping raccoons, snake removal, bird and bat control, and other specialty tasks involving wild animals. If you need wildlife services, the city or county animal control will not assist – it is up to privately owned trapping companies such as the ones listed above to help with the issue. Remember, these are not Free Wildlife Removal services, they are private companies.


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