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Deer are beautiful and amazing creatures. They are found in most parts of North America an all over the United States. The only places where deer are not common are Alaska and Utah. Deer and very shy animals, and they usually try to avoid humans. Humans are known for hunting deer, so they are instinctively afraid. Just because deer don’t attack humans and they try to avoid us, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a destructive nuisance. If you have deer on your property that you want removed, you should contact a professional in deer removal. It may be nice to look out the window and see a deer grazing, but you will soon see what a nuisance these animals can be.

What Makes Deer So Harmful?

Even though deer are very large creatures with horns, they aren’t dangerous to humans. These animals are shy and passive, and you won’t see a deer that is aggressive. Even when cornered, most deer won’t attack. Even though deer are not known to attack humans, they are harmful in other ways.

Deer are known to eat crops. If you have a garden, you will need to worry about the deer eating your plants and vegetables, which will destroy the whole garden. Deer don’t just feed on fruit and vegetable plants. There are also ornamental plants that dder love to eat such as red maple, sugar maple and hydrangias among others. If you have worked hard on your landscape or spent a lot of money on the design and plants, it is best to hire a professional to remove the deer.

The biggest worry with deer is the fact that they can carry disease. Lyme disease is the most common, and deer can transmit the disease to the ticks that feed off them. If an infected tick bites a human or an animal, they can contact Lyme disease. The symptoms of this disease can be very severe and if it isn’t treated properly, it can result in chronic Lyme disease. They also carry other more rare diseases like Chronic Wasting Disease, Q fever, chlamydiosis, leptospirosis, salmondellosis, and giardiasis.

DIY Options (Not Permanent or Always Effective)

When many homeowners discover that there are deer eating the plants in their garden, the first thing they do is go online for some solutions. Many sites will suggest fencing. The most common type of fencing are temporary electric fencing and peanut butter fencing. While these options will work for a short while, they aren’t long term solutions to the problem. Deer are very smart animals. Eventually, if they are hungry enough, the deer will find their way around the fencing.

Some homeowners will learn about the benefits of getting a dog. The dog’s barking will scare the deer away, but the constant barking can be a nuisance. Because the barking can get annoying, a dog is just a short-term solution as well.

People who hunt will have no problem shooting the deer on their property; however, many people don’t like the idea of shooting a defenseless animal, so this is also not an option. Also, there are laws that do not permit shooting a gun too close to another home. If you have neighbors nearby, you could be arrested for shooting a deer.

Some homeowners use repellents to keep the deer away, which is also a temporary solution. Also, using poison to get rid of the deer is illegal.

If you want to get the deer out of your yard permanently, it is best to contact a professional in deer removal.

Why Hire a Professional In Deer Removal?

First, you will need to check with your state to see if deer trapping is legal. Many states prohibit the trapping of deer, and using a certain type of trap for deer can result in fines, penalties or worse. Other states have banned the use of certain baits to hunt or catch deer. So do some research regarding trapping deer in your state carefully, including licensing, methods, seasons, antlered vs. anterless zones, etc. Over abundant deer herds cost society much in the loss of agriculture and domestic plants. Deer are also in many collisions with motorists, and the expense of human health problems such as Lyme disease and the spread of zoonotic diseases add to the issues of dealing with dense populations of deer. If deer trapping is allowed in your state and this is a service that you need, please give us a call and we can give you an estimate. Different states will allow different methods so every situation will be unique. We might be using a standard trap or a drop net depending on what your situation calls for and/ or what your state allows.

Permanent Woven Wire Fencing

If you have multiple deer on your property, having them removed will be too time-consuming and too difficult. In cases like this, permanent woven wire fencing is commonly used. This type of fencing can withstand the cold, snowy, icy winters, and will protect your property from deer all year long.

Final Thoughts

Even though deer are beautiful and docile creatures, they can still wreak havoc on your property. Deer will get to your garden and feed on your vegetables. It won’t take long for one deer to destroy the entire garden.

Because deer carry disease and Lyme disease is so widespread, it is essential that you contact a deer removal specialist as soon as possible.

Finally, in some cases, deer can cause damage to the outside of your home and other structures on the property.

The best way to protect you property, your family and pets is to hire a professional to remove the deer and take them far from the property. You can also get some advice from the expert to put up a permanent fence.


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