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The removal of a skunk can be a stinky task, which is more dangerous than one might think. Homeowners experiencing problems with skunks are better off leaving the task to the professionals. Skunk trapping and removal service companies will work to remove the animal, relocate it, and help the homeowner prevent more skunks from entering the home in the future.

Identifying a skunk on the property

There are many signs that a skunk has moved in and is building a nest in or near a home. The first sign there is a skunk nearby is its distinct smell. Other signs include seeing footprints in the dirt and mud around the home and seeing signs of digging in the yard. Depending on where the skunk is nesting, the nest might be visible, especially if under the patio or deck. Those who think there might be a skunk nesting in the yard or under the home should keep a watchful eye at night. The skunk may be visible walking through the yard and into its den.


Skunks are known to carry rabies, as well as other diseases and parasites. This includes distemper, mange, fleas, lice, ticks, roundworms, and tapeworms. The diseases and parasites are easily transferred to humans and domesticated animals. Skunks have also been known to carry diseases such as leptospirosis, listeriosis, canine distemper, Q-fever, and canine hepatitis. It is best to stay away from these animals, but to also decontaminate the home and yard once the skunk has been removed from the property.


In addition to carrying diseases and parasites, skunks cause damage to home structures and yards. Concrete slabs shift and can crack after the dirt is burrowed out from underneath it. Yards get dug up as skunks search for bugs and food in the dirt. Plus, they can spray their attackers up to twenty feet away. Skunks can cause damage a variety of ways to humans, domesticated animals, yards, and homes in a variety of different ways.


Skunks are mostly found in wooded areas, open fields, pastures, and open lands found adjacent to forested areas. They prefer these areas to living in urban and populated communities. These critters prefer the abandoned dens of other animals, hollowed out logs, and piles of brush to build their nests in.

Skunks are most active at night and like to build their homes in secure cool places while they sleep during the day. They prefer to burrow underneath home structures, porches, decks, and concrete slabs rather than actually get into a home. Fill in gaps and openings under concrete slabs, driveways, and other structures to ensure skunks have no room to build a nest. If a skunk has already burrowed in, check to ensure the nest is empty before filling it in.


Skunks tend to avoid people, however, they will enter yards in search of new food sources. When forced out of their previous den, they will enter a yard in search of a new home. Keep yards cleaned up, eliminating tempting food sources and potential homes for skunks.

Removing the skunk

If a skunk walks into the home or garage, try leaving the doors open to see if it will leave on its own. If not, immediately call for help from a skunk trapping and removal company. This is because attempting to remove a skunk can be dangerous. When scared or threatened, skunks spray, bite, and scratch. In many states, skunks are the primary source of rabies and contact with this animal should be avoided if possible.

Hire a professional

The hassle and danger of removing a skunk can be avoided by hiring a local skunk trapping and removal service company. Trappers are trained and experienced in removing animals allowing homeowners to return to living in a safe home environment for the family and domesticated animals. Hiring a professional trapper to remove the animal makes it possible for homeowners to avoid personally coming in contact with this nuisance animal. Plus, they have the skills to safely and humanely trap and relocate the skunk to a new environment. Homeowners need to call to get an estimate for service to remove the skunk and come up with a preventative plan. Check to see if the trapping service comes with a guarantee and if any follow up services are included.

Habitat modification

Habitat modification is the most effective way to keep skunks away from a home. Make the home and yard less attractive for skunks, reducing their desire for them to want to enter the home or yard. Start by removing and reducing access to food, water, and shelter. This includes removing all fallen fruit from trees in the backyard and cleaning up any spilled seed from bird feeders. Do not leave pet food or water outside overnight. Seal off garbage cans with a lid. Control insects and grubs, as well as mice and rats in yards. This reduces the amount of food available for skunks and prevents them from digging up the yards. Cleaning up the yard, including cutting back shrubs, reduces places for skunks to hide and build a nest. A skunk trapping and removal service company can help with habitat modification and a plan to prevent skunks from returning.

Skunk spraying

Skunks naturally have a nasty smell which gets worse when sprayed. It is always best to avoid and refrain from agitating the skunk. When living in areas where skunks are common, it is a good idea to learn the signs a skunk gives before it sprays. Some signs skunks give before spraying include raising its tail, backing up with the tail fanned out, and turning its backend around to face its target. If the skunk demonstrates any of these, it is best to get out of the area and let the animal calm down. Keep in mind, young and baby skunks do not have full control over their spraying. They often spray prematurely without any warning.

Being sprayed by a skunk causes nausea and can be very painful. Especially if it gets in the eyes. Once sprayed, it is difficult to rid the skin, hair, and clothing of the skunk smell. The best way to get rid of the smell is by washing off with a combination of baking soda, liquid dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide. This can be used on both humans and dogs. If sprayed in the eyes, immediately flush out with fresh water.

Dealing with skunks is not something any homeowner wants to deal with. These critters not only carry diseases, they are very viscous when scared or feeling threatened. Hiring a skunk trapping and removal company to come out and help is always the best option when dealing with an unwanted skunk. They are trained in proper trapping technique and experienced in how to safely remove the skunk.


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