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Rats are one of the most peskiest pests homeowners have to deal with. Once they gain access to the home their rate of breeding can turn one rat into an entire infestation in a short period of time. Those finding signs of rats in the home should seek assistance from a rat trapping and removal company. This company can help determine if there is a rat problem, how severe it is, and how to take care of the problem.

Types of rats

There are many different types of rats, but the most common one in the United States is the house rat. This rat, found in every state across the country, is also referred to as the Norway rat, brown rat, sewer rat, and wharf rat. Other types of rats found across the country include the wood rat, the marsh rice rat, and the ship rat (aka the roof rat or the ship rat).

Rat infestations

Rats tend to nest where there are little to no humans. Depending on an area’s population, rat control can either be simple or very difficult. The main key to containing the rat problem is to focus on controlling the entire population of rats. There are many lethal and non-lethal methods to controlling rat populations. Key methods of control is keeping areas clean, upgrading sanitation methods, eliminating entry points into homes and buildings, and having careful routine inspections conducted.

Rat disease

Throughout history, rats have been the root cause for many outbreaks and the spreading of diseases within a community. Rats transmit diseases through direct contamination of food via their feces and/or urine. Indirectly, rats transmit disease through fleas. This occurs when a flea bites a human after it has bitten an infected rat. The most common disease transmitted from rats is known as Rat-Bite Fever. Those who believe they have been infected with a disease from a rat should seek medical assistance for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Protecting a home from rats

Those who have rats in their home understand the importance of preventing it from happening. There are several ways to protect a building from rats entering and making themselves at home. Keep the home clean by regularly wiping down counters, dusting, and vacuuming. Keeping the home clutter free reduces the food options for rats and places for them to hide. Make sure everything in the pantry is sealed so the food does not attract rats. Keep trash in trash cans with lids and clean up the yard often.

Home inspection

Signs of a rat problem may include seeing feces, hearing noises in the walls, seeing the rats or noticing visual teeth marks on wood. Homeowners suspecting they have rats in their home need to call a rat trapping and removal service company for assistance. The first thing completed is the home inspection which helps locate all entry points into the home and if rats have already invaded the residence. Once the home inspection is completed, the service company will come up with a plan of action and help remove the rats.

Rat Poison

The use of poison to kill rats is not a humane way to rid a home of rats. The poison does not kill them immediately. After becoming ill from the poison, rats will seek out a place in remote areas of the home for shelter. These locations include inside walls, crawl spaces, in attics, and in air ducts. Eventually, the rats die from the poison, causing the home to smell from a decomposing body.

In addition, poisoning rats is dangerous for other animals, including household pets. Predatory animals can also become ill and die when they consume a poisoned rate. Homeowners wanting to use rat poison must decide if it is the best option for the rate infestation they are experiencing.

Before making the decision to use rat poison, consult with a rat expert to see if live trapping is a better option. He or she can help determine the best course of rat removal treatment for the situation and the home.

Hiring trapping and removal service

Removing rats can be dangerous, especially when trying to solve the overall infestation problem alone. Rats carry diseases, and those that suffer from a brain condition can become aggressive. Hiring a rat trapping and removal service company eases the homeowners mind, ensuring the job will be done efficiently and in a timely manner. Animal removal service technicians are trained on how to humanely remove and relocate these pesky animals.

Cleaning up

Rats leave behind urine and feces, which often contains bacteria and diseases. All of which is harmful for humans and domesticated animals. Cleaning up after the rats are removed from the home is imperative to keeping everyone healthy. The clean up includes vacuuming feces, hair, and particles left behind by the removed rats. It also includes sanitation and decontamination of the area. In order for the clean up process to be effective, it must be conducted with everything the rats came in contact. This includes the attic, insulation, household framing or any other part of the home that was exposed to the rat intrusion.

After removal

Post removal of the rats, it is important to keep up the cleanliness of the home and have routine inspection. Most rat trapping and removal companies offer to return a few weeks later to inspect the home. This ensures all rats were removed and no new ones have moved in. When hiring a company to help, ask if there is a fee for them to come out after or if it is included with the initial service.


Before signing the contract for rat removal service ask if there are any types of guarantees. Guarantees may include money back or the company coming back out to redo their work. This protects the homeowner should rats return or not completely removed. Warranties are important, especially if the trapping service also offers repair work and preventative measures to stop rats from entering the home. Before signing the contract, read it and make sure you are happy with the guarantee offered.

Homeowners needing assistance should call their local rat trapping and removal service company for an inspection. The professionals from the company can determine the best approach to removing these pests and help with long-term prevention of entry. In the end, hiring a company gives homeowners peace of mind their homes are rat-free.


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